Healing Tips from the Heart:

Intuition with Helpers, Healers and Guides

Through these podcast interviews, you are invited to a front row seat,

peeking into the lives of those who face challenges, problems and heartache,

while freeing themselves from their circumstances.

They move through and sometimes beyond the struggles, pain and confusion,

discovering beneficial ways to address human suffering,

and light the way for others to find their own optimal outcomes.

Learn about their stories, how they are supported in dark days and nights,

through intuition from helpers, healers and guides.

See how they listen, learn and are lifted to new understandings

about themselves, their world, and create bridges so others could find their way through.

Some of these people have become helpers, healers and guides for others.

You may find the same is true for you.

For as we unlock mysteries of life deep in our hearts,

universal truths are revealed, which connect us intuitively with the heart of humanity.